martes, 18 de febrero de 2014

Life, Track and its comfort zones

We all live inside of a comfort zone. We know it very well: its shape, its width, its edges… We feel safe inside of it. It’s that place you trust in.

But sometimes we go out of that zone. Maybe because we decided to do it or because we were pushed out of there.  And so we face the battle field: that situation we’ve got to struggle with. That issue that make us feel scared.

After that, we comeback immediately to our comfort zone because we've got scared with everything we saw there. But now we’re familiarized with it. So maybe we will dare to do it again.

The truth is that, as the time goes by, we get so bored in that comfort zone that we are willing to go out and deal with it. When we finally win the battle, we make of that place another comfort zone (much bigger, of course), because now we own it.

And we repeat that cycle over and over again through our lives.

The problem lies in those who don’t have the slightest intention of going out of their comfort zones. They need someone or something to push them out of there. If not well, they’ll get stocked in there for the rest of their lives. They won’t go anywhere. They won’t know who they are.

Track and Field has shown me that.

As a runner you have to be going in and out of your conform zone. You must go out of your well-being state to face fatigue, pain, rivalry and sometimes disappointment. But once you’ve gone through all of that, you get to another comfort zone in which you’re stronger, endurable and you’re able to do things that before you couldn’t even think that you were capable of.

Competitions are those perfect opportunities to advance to higher and bigger comfort zone. You don’t only have to beat others, you have to struggle against the time, space, fatigue, fear…
Yes, the fear. We all feel it and it’s a good sign because it means we are leaving the comfort behind and we are about to face the battle.

Life is about constant flux, change and battle. You better get used to go out of your comfort zone!