miércoles, 30 de abril de 2014

You teach what you need to learn

Now, I want to talk about coaches.

As an athlete, undergraduate sports student and assistant coach, I’ve been able to see this profession from different perspectives.

First, it’s not as easy as it looks. There’s a big misunderstanding in our society about this profession; many people think that the only requirements to be a coach are the following ones:

-           Jacket, sweatpants and sport shoes

-           Cap and sunglasses (optional, if you want to look a little bit more scary)

-          Whistle, chronometer and clipboard (must have or you’re going to look like unskilled)

-         You better get used to chew gum and spit thick

-          Be bossy and as far as possible shout louder than lion!

-          Remind to your pupils how weak they are

-          Impress everyone with difficult drills

That’s the typical stereotype of coach that has prevailed through all the times. And to be honest, most of the coaches fit that profile.

It’s really dangerous, because if being a coach is about looking like one, then anyone could be it. In that vein, I could wear a medical gown, some glasses, take a scalpel and say: “I’m a neurosurgeon, whom do I make the first incision in the head?”

Trust me, it’s that serious!

A neurosurgeon intervenes one patient at a time, a coach intervenes over 20, 30 or even 50 persons at a time in all the aspects: physical, psychological, emotional, social… as a coach you are modifying someone’s life.

So, being a coach it’s not looking like one, it’s acting consciously based on the effect that your activities and your behavior are causing to the people under your command. It’s being the right guide for them to raise their potential.

It’s also to be open to change the road and accept advices when is necessary, because as you will realize, no one has the last word, experts are also wrong and you teach what you need to learn. 
So, don't brag after a win, ego is too heavy to carry it on. Surrender your ego and be free.

Don’t look like a coach, be a coach. Be the right guide. 

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